Monday, June 9, 2014

Volunteers in the Garden! Perfectly Natural!

Welcome to my newest blog!  Noreen's Garden is our latest addition to the Noreen's Kitchen family of channels and blogs.  Soon we will have our gardening channel up on YouTube and be putting up gardening videos every Tuesday for you to enjoy!  I have so much I have wanted to share with all of you and now I have a nice tidy place to do that.  Combined with the YouTube channel it should be a lot of fun.

So this Year it seemed almost impossible to get the garden going and growing!  Planting season was put off by unseasonal cold weather as well as a killer virus that had both my husband and I down for nearly a month.  We swear that it sounded like a Tuberculosis ward in our house for a couple of weeks. Thankfully neither of our girls succumbed to the sickness and it was just the two of us soldiering through it.  Three to four weeks is a long time to feel like crap!  So the garden went without getting tilled and mulched and a lot of things for a long time.

We finally got into the yard, got the trash to the dump, got the boxed mulched over, got the assessment done and decided to scale down a bit this year.  It is our hope to transform part of our garden into a chicken coop for next year and have a small back yard flock to give us eggs and eat bugs!  One can dream.  I am a big believer that all things in good time but I am a very impatient person!  So I wait!  

So, even with the delay, the garden is back on track somewhat.  I go out every day and try and battle the war of the morning glory.  NEVER, I repeat, NEVER plant them on purpose!  You will live to regret it.  Ask me how I know!  Tomatoes are in, we have my favorite Lemon Boy and some Romas a Sweet 100 cherry, a grape and a couple new varieties, a German Queen heirloom and one called Bounty which claims to be disease resistant.  We shall see.  We have Black Beauty eggplants, King Arthur Bell Peppers, Orange Flame and Yellow Bell Peppers and Jalapenos.   These are all safely tucked into their boxes and thriving in their deep layer of composted tree mulch.  Hopefully we can look forward to a bountiful harvest.

The most exciting sight of all, though is to find volunteers in the garden.  Leftovers from last year or even from the pile of newspapers and mulch where I dump the cages from our squirrels.  A few sunflowers have popped up along with what appears to be a pumpkin plant and a couple of random tomato plants that have decided to come up for air.  Last year we planted tomatoes that were taken over by morning glory, at some point I just let them go and the morning glory won.  Now we are still fighting the good fight, but the tomatoes are winning!  

We also are looking forward to an amazing bounty from our raspberry patch that seems to have formed over the winter.  A couple of years ago we got a raspberry cane off the clearance rack at the home improvement center, put it in the ground and frankly did not expect much.  Well it has been two years and now it has set so many suckers we should be in raspberries for a good long time and I couldn't be happier!

Volunteers are one of the best parts of my garden.  I always welcome them and they always surprise me it's like free lunch that was given to me by Mother Nature!  So go take a look, maybe you have some volunteers of your own.  Consider them a blessing and be kind to them.  Foster them, feed them and receive their bounty thankfully!